Tuesday, August 25, 2009

After Dinner Friends

Every night after dinner Tristyn and I go for a walk outside.
She LOVES the outside.
She holds my finger as we go four houses down to the left.
We have to stop by our neighbor's lampost to say hi to her friends.
Knome 1, Knome 2, Froggies, Knome 3 and Lady Bug.
She can point out their eyes, noses, fingers and their red hats.

Then we walk across the street.
BJ's friend Tommy has a FUN yard!
Mickey, Minnine, Donald, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs are there!
Tristyn is learning to give hugs to Minnie
And loves to kiss her on the nose.
She can also point out her flowers and her bow.
She "high fives" Donald on his beak.
Last night she had a full 2 minute conversation with Mickey.

Then she picks out her rock.
Every time we visit she has to bring home a rock.
She carries it in her little hand, tries to lick it
And sets it on the wooden bench inside our front door.
We now have 6 rocks there.

Last night she climbed into her little yellow chair
Outside her little house
All by herself.
And hopped down out of it
All by herself.
She walked over to me and climbed up into my chair.
I asked if I could have a hug.
And I got my first REAL hug from my daughter.
Complete with a smile, head cocked to the side,
A little hand pat on my back and a squeel.
God, I love her so much!


Liz1971 said...

this made me cry. there is nothing better than connecting with your child. tristyn is so lucky to have you- you love her with all your heart and then some.

enjoy all these moments- they go by so fast. xo

Sarah V said...

What's with little kids and rocks? Miles can't get enough of them, either!

So sweet with the hug! I bet you were melting. ;)

Julie said...

She is sooooooo sweet! : )

Kelly W. said...

She is such a sweetie-pie. You are lucky to have her and she is so lucky to have such a wonderful loving mommy like you!