Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What To Wear?

This morning Tristyn did NOT want to get dressed.
She was not in the mood for clothes I guess.
Everything I picked out she threw on the floor.
I finally asked her what shirt she wanted to wear
And she picked out her kitty cat tank top.
I picked out some jean shorts to go with it
And she wanted nothing to do with them.
I told her that she HAD to wear pants to school.
After finally getting those on, we had the shoe debate.
She pointed and wanted her white shoes.
I thought she wanted her white problem there.
Ohhh no.
She wanted her "pretty shoes."
The white, wedding like, high heeled play shoes.
No socks.
She wore them all the way to Miss Cheryl's house.
I told her she couldn't wear them in and she cried.
She wouldn't let me put her gym shoes on.
Ahhh...two year olds.
She's beginning to have a mind of her own.

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Sparroweye said...

Don't I remember those days well. My mother never forgot the time I drove to the doctor's office for my two year olds checkup with him stark naked jumping up and down in the chair seat, mad as a hornet. (hey what was I supposed to do) He did allow us to put his clothes on when we got to the parking lot. But the looks on drivers Wonder I didn't get arrested.