Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3-Year-Old Vocabulary

Tristyn has been saying some words lately
That have just blown me away.
At first...I can't believe she even knows the word.
Then...she knows what it means!
The other day we baked Halloween cookies.
I was taking one off of the pan a little too soon
And it got all mushy and fell apart.
Tristyn said, "Mommy you destroyed it!"
Excuse me?
What does destroy mean Tristyn?
It means you messed it up.
Of course it does.

The other night before bed we were getting ready to read
And she was all up on my pillow.
I told her to scootch over.
She told me that she wanted to lay BESIDE me.
Beside? Really?
What 3-year-old uses the word "beside?"

Grandma was over the other day.
The two of them were doing a pattern thing in a workbook.
At the end of the pattern was a question mark.
When Grandma pointed to that symbol
Tristyn said it was a MYSTERY.

I guess all of those books are paying off.
I hope her future English teachers will be proud.
I hope these big words stay in her head!
And I hope she always continues to learn new words!

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